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Social Services


110 Rosedale Avenue
Covington, VA 24426-1244
(540) 444-7100

(540) 965-1787 (FAX)


              • Tammy Wilson, Director                                               540-444-7100
            • Jennifer McCallister, Children Services Act Coordinator      540-444-7135
            • Jessica Meadows, Benefit Programs Manager          540-444-7111
            • Megan Plott, Family Services Manager                      540-444-7143
            • Lynsey Morris, Administrative Services Manager    540-444-7124

Department of Social Services Board

*Meetings are open to the public and are held the 4th Monday of every month at the DSS office in the Boardroom.  Meetings start at 5:00 p.m.  The lobby door will be open until 5:10 p.m., but will be locked after that point due to security concerns.

David Crosier, Chairman
Jason Helmintoller
Patrice Jefferson
Eston Burge
Matt Garten
Kathy Carson
Greg Martin



Virginia Department of Social Services

CommonHelp Website, for online applications:


Cover Virginia (Medicaid coverage and health care marketplace):


Mandated Reporter Portal Information:

Please click to login and make a mandated reporter referral  Virginia Child Protective Services Hotline

VDSS now offers a user-friendly, streamlined option for reporting child abuse and neglect, designed for the set of professionals and individuals who are deemed Mandated Reporters by the Code of Virginia. The new Mandated Reporter Portal can be accessed at An overview of the Portal can be found on YouTube here:


Office of Children’s Services

Family Guide to CSA
The Children’s Services Act is a law, enacted in 1993, that provides funding and multi-disciplinary planning to help meet the needs of children and families in Virginia. The Family Guide to CSA provides parents and families information on eligibility for CSA and other aspects of the CSA process. To read the guide please click here

FAQ for Families
The CSA FAQ for Families provides parents and families with a brief overview of the key elements of the CSA process. Please follow this link to read the FAQ.

Frequently Used Acronyms
A reference list of acronyms frequently utilized in CSA can be found here.

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