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The Commissioner of Revenue’s Office is responsible for the records management and assessments for all real property located in Alleghany County. Obtaining deeds of bargain and sale, deeds of correction, and lists of heirs, wills and other records from the Clerk of the Circuit Court allows us to complete the transfer of ownership of property. It is important to maintain timely recordings of transfers to ensure that current owners of property are assessed and taxed. Our records are accessible to the public and widely used by Realtors, attorneys, title search personnel, prospective homebuyers, sellers, appraisers, and surveyors. We maintain history files of all parcels of land in the County as well as information specific to each parcel that includes: ownership, deed and plat references, ownership history, and specific house information.

How is my property assessed?

Assessed values for real estate are set every six years during the general reassessment. The purpose of the general reassessment is to bring assessed values in line with fair market value. The last general reassessment in Alleghany County was effective on January 1, 2019. In between general reassessments, the Commissioner of the Revenue is responsible for assessing any new construction from building permits each year.

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The Alleghany County Board of Supervisors has selected Wampler-Eanes Appraisal Group, Ltd., to perform the County’s 2025 General Reassessment of real estate values for the County, effective January 1, 2025.  The County is on a 6-year reassessment cycle. Wampler-Eanes conducted the last reassessment in Alleghany County that was effective January 1, 2019.

The purpose of the reassessment is to reflect 100 percent fair market value, as required by the Code of Virginia and to obtain uniformity, assuring that properties of similar type and value carry similar assessments.  The current assessments do not reflect recent changes in market value.

Members of the reassessment team will begin visiting all accessible properties on or after October 10, 2023.  Visits to individual properties will continue through October 2024.  Assessors will be carrying photo ID’s and will have magnetic ‘County Reassessment’ signs on their vehicles.   “We want to alert the public to this, because our assessors and data collectors will be coming to resident’s homes and to county businesses to inspect and assess all buildings, dwellings and the overall property.  The appraisal team will take exterior digital photographs of all major improvements and will also be updating measurements while visiting properties,” said Steven I. Wampler, President of Wampler-Eanes Appraisal Group, Ltd.  “It is the Assessor’s purpose to collect sufficient data to determine the fair market value of each property.  Our ultimate goal is to get a good, accurate, and equitable assessment of all real estate in the County,” said Wampler.

Notices of the proposed 2025 assessed values will be mailed in November 2024. Property owners will then have an opportunity to review the assessed values.

The home office of Wampler-Eanes Appraisal Group, Ltd. is located in Daleville, Virginia.  The owners, Steven I. Wampler and Gary L. Eanes have performed 145 reassessments and have assessed over 2.5 million properties in Virginia and North Carolina over the last 27 years.

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