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Board of Zoning Appeals

Meeting Dates and General Information

The Alleghany County Board of Zoning Appeals regular meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 5:00 p.m. in the Board Room of the Governmental Complex Building in Low Moor, 9212 Winterberry Avenue, Covington, VA 24426, unless no cases are pending, in which instance no meetings shall be held.  Necessary site viewings will be held on the second Tuesday of each month at 4:00 p.m. on the same day of the hearing of the case, or cases pending.

Duties of the Board of Zoning Appeals include hearing and making decisions regarding variances, special exceptions, and appeals; and hearing and making decisions regarding the interpretation of the zoning maps where there is uncertainty.

For questions regarding the BZA, call the Public Works Department at (540) 863-6650, or e-mail the BZA secretary at .


Items, including zoning applications, to be placed on the Board’s agenda must be submitted by noon on the Tuesday prior to the regular meeting in order for the item to be placed on the agenda of the regular meeting.  When a zoning application is involved, site visits and public hearings will be placed on the agenda of the following month.

*Dates are subject to change approved by the Board of Zoning Appeals

Items Received AFTER Noon on Items Received BEFORE Noon on Regular Meeting Date Public Hearing Date (if required)
8-Dec-20 5-Jan-21 12-Jan-21 9-Feb-21
5-Jan-21 2-Feb-21 9-Feb-21 9-Mar-21
2-Feb-21 2-Mar-21 9-Mar-21 13-Apr-21
2-Mar-21 6-Apr-21 13-Apr-21 11-May-21
6-Apr-21 4-May-21 11-May-21 8-Jun-21
4-May-21 1-Jun-21 8-Jun-21 13-Jul-21
1-Jun-21 6-Jul-21 13-Jul-21 10-Aug-21
6-Jul-21 3-Aug-21 10-Aug-21 14-Sep-21
3-Aug-21 7-Sep-21 14-Sep-21 12-Oct-21
7-Sep-21 5-Oct-21 12-Oct-21 9-Nov-21
5-Oct-21 2-Nov-21 9-Nov-21 14-Dec-21
2-Nov-21 7-Dec-21 14-Dec-21 11-Jan-22
7-Dec-21 4-Jan-22 11-Jan-22 8-Feb-22

Agenda items and completed zoning applications should be submitted to the Zoning Office at the Governmental Complex in Low Moor at the following address:

Alleghany County Governmental Complex

9212 Winterberry Avenue, Suite A

Covington, VA  24426

(540) 863-6650


Members of the Board of Zoning Appeals are:

Shawn Simmons, Falling Spring District

Derrick Barr, Covington District

Richard Fridley, Sr.,  Boiling Springs District

Jack Harlow, Jackson River District

Richard Engleman, Sharon District

Elizabeth Higgins, Clifton Forge East District

Diana Smith, Clifton Forge West District

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