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Code Compliance

The Code Compliance office reviews and investigates written complaints from citizens about alleged violations regarding inoperable and abandoned vehicles, and issues of trash, high weeds, and non-maintained properties in residential zone classifications.  See Chapter 60 – Inoperable/Abandoned Vehicles and Chapter 46 – Miscellaneous Offenses, including Sec. 46.3, removal of trash, weeds and other foreign growth, of the Code of the County of Alleghany, Virginia for detailed information regarding these regulations.

Individuals or groups wishing to make a complaint regarding these issues will need to complete and sign a complaint form and file it with the Code Compliance Officer in the Public Works Department.

Questions can be directed to the Code Compliance Officer at (540) 863-6650, 9212 Winterberry Avenue, Suite A, Covington, VA  24426, or by e-mail at  .

Inoperable Vehicles:  County regulations allow for two inoperable vehicles to be stored on a piece of property.  The two vehicles have to be shielded or screened from view.

High Weeds:  County regulations require that properties within approved subdivisions that are zoned residential, must cut their grass and maintain the yard areas in a manner that does not pose a health or safety hazard to adjoining properties.  This regulation does not apply to properties zoned agricultural.

Trash:  County regulations require that all properties of the County be kept free of trash and debris that would pose a health or safety hazard to adjoining properties.

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