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Road Process

(For Request into the VDOT Secondary System)

1.    Send a written request to Melissa Munsey in the County Administrator’s Office or via e-mail at with a copy of any pertinent information (i.e., map, plat, deed, etc.) asking to have a road taken into the VDOT secondary system.

2.    Once received by Mrs. Munsey, a copy of the request is sent to Ms. Susan Hammond, VDOT Resident Engineer, asking if it is feasible for the road or portion of road to be taken into the secondary system.

3.    If a favorable reply is received, the process continues. If not, the process stops with a copy of Ms. Hammond’s response sent to the person making the request.

4.    A petition is drawn up by Mrs. Munsey for the requesting individual to acquire signatures from all property owners along the road.

5.    Once the completed petition is received, Mrs. Munsey will draw up a right-of-way deed, and arrangements are made to have property owners sign. Each signature must be notarized. If all signatures needed are not obtained, the process stops.

6.    When the deed is returned with ALL signatures, a resolution is taken to the Board of Supervisors requesting VDOT to take the road into the secondary system.

7.    If the resolution is passed, the deed will be recorded in the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office, and a copy of the resolution and deed is sent via certified mail to Ms. Hammond. The road will be placed on the County’s list, which is prioritized based upon first-in with completion of the above steps.

8.    The wait begins for the County’s road allocation from VDOT to have enough funds to have the road brought up to State standards so that it can be officially taken into the secondary system. When the road is taken in, this does not mean that the road will be paved – just that it will be State maintained. To be paved the road must also meet VDOT regulations (50 cars per day, etc.).

9.    Another alternative is that steps 1 through 7 be taken care of and a cost is obtained from VDOT to bring the road up to State standards. The property owners could then pay for VDOT to bring the road up to standards. This is a quicker alternative.

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