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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

If a citizen wishes to request a public record, the request should be processed through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  The following is a document regarding the rights of requesters and the responsibilities of Alleghany County under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act:

Rights & Responsibilities

Individuals wishing to make a request under FOIA must make the request through the FOIA Officer.  The following is a list of FOIA Officers for various departments with their contact information:


Melissa A. Munsey (Board of Supervisors, County Administration, Public Works Department, Parks and Recreation Department, Accounting Office, Industrial Development Authority)
9212 Winterberry Avenue, Suite C
Covington, VA 24426
Email: su.av1556167481.ynah1556167481gella1556167481.oc@y1556167481esnum1556167481m1556167481
Phone: (540) 863-6600
Wanda Simpson (Treasurer’s Office)
9212 Winterberry Avenue, Suite F
Covington, VA 24426
Email: su.av1556167481.ynah1556167481gella1556167481.oc@n1556167481ospmi1556167481sw1556167481
Phone: (540) 863-6630

Valerie Bruffey (Commissioner of the Revenue Office)
9212 Winterberry Avenue, Suite E
Covington, VA 24426
Email: su.av1556167481.ynah1556167481gella1556167481.oc@y1556167481effur1556167481bv1556167481
Phone: (540) 863-6640

Dawn Riddle (Social Services Department)
110 Rosedale Avenue
Covington, VA 24426
Email: vog.a1556167481inigr1556167481iv.ss1556167481d@eld1556167481dir.n1556167481wad1556167481
Phone: (540) 965-1780

Debra Byer (Circuit Court Clerk)
P.O. Box 670
266 W. Main Street
Covington, VA 24426
Email: su.av1556167481.etat1556167481s.str1556167481uoc@r1556167481eybd1556167481
Phone: (540) 965-1730

Ann Gardner (Commonwealth Attorney Office)
Phone: (540) 965-1740
Matt Bowser (Sheriff’s Office/Jail)
268 W. Main Street
Covington, VA 24426
Email: su.av1556167481.ynah1556167481gella1556167481.oc@f1556167481fireh1556167481s.tse1556167481uqer.1556167481AIOF1556167481)
Phone: (540) 965-1770
Tiney Rose/Jack Canon (Registrar Office/Electoral Board)

110 Rosedale Avenue, Suite D
Covington, VA 24426
Email: ten.s1556167481oletn1556167481@5eto1556167481vog1556167481
Phone: (540) 965-1690

Marla Akridge (Alleghany Highlands Economic Development Corporation)
1000 Dabney Drive, Suite 510
Clifton Forge, VA 24422
Email: moc.c1556167481deha@1556167481alram1556167481
Phone: (540) 862-0936
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